Thursday, August 25, 2011

two day bday outing.

Lover face had a great two day celebration for his Birthday. I took him to all his favorite thrift stores, and he scored on a bunch of cool stuff. His favorite was finding about 6 different movies he has had on his list to find for quite some time now. It was cute to see him get so excited to find them!
We had so much fun, even though I was melting in the 101 degree weather in Tracy and Stockton! And I too, found a bunch of sweet finds. One being this awesome cuckoo clock for only 50 cents! WHATT?? I know!! Okay, so it more than likely wont work, BUT i really just wanted it to re-paint it a cute color and hang it on my wall :) before and after pictures will come soon. On Sunday, for lover faces actual Birthday, we will get a late dinner and see a movie, since I wont be getting out of work until 9pm. One thing that sucks at my work, the closing shifts are always 12:30-9pm :/ cant really do anything before, and 9pm is pushing it to go out to eat some where since most places close around 10p and I usually like to shower so I dont stink of coffee, syrups, fraps, etc. NOT a nice smell to have when trying to eat a nice dinner! Anyway, have a great day!

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