About me

The name is Megan but I also go by Meggs. I am a 24 year old who has fun crafting any day of the week, who will wake up in the middle of the night just to craft something I just thought of. I enjoy taking pictures though I am no pro. My boyfriend and I thrift shop just about every weekend. I love it, I love finding awesome vintage things for cheap. I love finding things I can fix up and recycle (one mans trash is another mans treasure as my dad has always told me). One day when the boyfriend and I own a house I want the entire house filled with vintage/thrifted items! Luckily he loves vintage things as much as I do, otherwise he would probably be miserable, haha.


I live in Berkeley, though I am originally from Imperial Beach, San Diego. I moved out to northern California to finish my college career. I have one last class to finish up and I will be officially graduated in nutrition. I love my family, they are most important and have supported me with every decision I have made thus far. I miss them and think of them pretty much everyday, but love where I am currently living and couldn't imagine my life if I never moved out on my own. I love northern California, and I love my little town and also the city, San Francisco (I guess I have always been a city girl at heart). I would love to move to the New York for a year or so just because (I obviously fell absolutely in love with NY), and maybe even Oregon, Washington, Michigan, or Canada. I love traveling and experiencing life other than what I am used to living.

The boyfriend of 6 years and I just recently moved in with each other in the beginning of the year. We both are super excited to take the next step in our relationship. He is my best friend, my significant other, and to be quite honest I cant picture myself being with anyone but him (aww, I know).

I got into blogging about a year ago after reading a bunch of other wonderful blogs. I love the inspiration each blog gives/brings and I love reading other peoples insights and ideas. I also love meeting new people who share the same interest as me, so don't be shy feel free to contact me anytime :) Just click under the "contact me" to get the different ways to email me.

okay, thats enough of me rambling on and on and on....Thanks a bunch for reading my little blog in this HUGE blog world. Come back soon!