Saturday, August 27, 2011

is it fall yet?


My all time favorite season, along with many others, is fall. I cant wait to have cold, chilly weather where I can bundle up with beanies, scarfs, leg warmers, cute gloves, pea-coats and boots. Also fall time, means another road trip out to Idaho with the bestie to visit our friend Shannon again. The above pictures were of our trip last year. Idaho in the fall is so beautiful with all the colorful leaves covering the streets. Is it just me or does anyone else ready for summer to be over?


  1. Totally agree! Wearing warm clothes every chance I get, and have already knitted some wrist warmers; started on my scarf too, ha :D I love autumn!

  2. I am too excited for Autumn just like you! I love crunching all the leaves with my big stompy boots and pilling on the coats and knitted goods :) Eeee, can't wait!