Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Secret confession.

I've been obsessed with Donkey Kong since I was in elementary. I remember in third grade I asked for a Super Nintendo for Christmas, my parents got me the DK limited edition set and it was the only game I had for a long time with the Nintendo. I would play it all the time even though I have beaten in numerous times. Til this day, I still remember all the secret spots to gain more points/lives, all the secret routes in order to beat a level 2Xs faster. Lover face knows that I completely SUCK at any other video game (except cookin mama for DS)

and he enjoys playing against me in video games because he seriously kicks my during our earlier days of dating I told him that we should play against each other in DK and of course he agreed assuming that I would play just as bad as I do with all other video games. I kept my secret hush hush knowing I would destroy him! hee hee. I remember us playing against each other and I had already gotten to the fourth or fifth level while he was still trying to figure out the first level and than he said "I dont like this game, lets play something else" hahaha. He just couldnt believe I played DK that well. Ever since he calls me DK master. hah. Yeah, thats right dont under estimate my skills!
Today lover face bought me the newest DK for the Wii, and I cant wait to play it :)

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