Thursday, May 5, 2011

feels like summer...

this past week has been so nice with hot weather. Summer is certainly just around the corner and I cant wait for it! Lots of plans for this coming summer. First off I will finally be graduated this summer (YAY), I am going back home for a month in june, I cant be more excited to see my family and friends. VEGAS! yes, I told myself I wouldnt got back to vegas during the summer since its beyond hot but I got an offer I just couldnt pass up, lots of icy margaritas to cool me down! Mini-road trip with lover face. A friend is doing a NEW tattoo for me in honor of my mother (SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!), lots of fun random nights with old friends, coffee dates, Disneyland (hopefully), and much more!

Today lover face and I went on a little walk since its so nice out. We stopped and got our selves some ice cold boba to cool us down. Stopped at Rasputins to buy a few movies, UO was having a sale so we picked up a few items and than strolled back home. Now its ice cream time & relaxing with catching up with a few TV shows I have recorded.

Oh yeah and HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Go out and get yourself some drinks!
These look perfect right about now :) source

Have a great rest of your day.

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