Saturday, May 21, 2011

a day in the city.

Today my mom and I played tennis with my friend Sarah in the morning...I had no idea what I was doing, which is why I kept hitting the ball outside of the court and even over the fence a few times (oops). After I got my butt kicked by my mom and Sarah we came home showered and headed into the city. Lover face and I took my mom to Lombard street.

my poor mom had to walk up a huge hill for us to get this picture. Since Lombard is always filled with tourist we were forced to park at the bottom of a hill. Its okay though, it was well worth it.
We took my mom to our favorite cupcake place in the city, that takes the cake, where she got to try their delicious cupcakes. I got the prom queen, lover face got the banana, while my mom got the snicker doodle and the tuxedo. mmmm.

we are now back at the apartment trying Bethany's skinny girl margaritas, I have to say they are tasty.

My mom and I love margaritas and are quite picky when it comes to them, and we both agreed that we liked the skinny version too. Its pretty cheap, $13 bucks at bevmo.
Our night ends with watching the big bang theory and meeting up with our friend Sarah in a few for some drinks. Have a great night!


  1. everytime I play tennis, the ball is everywhere but inside the court, don´t worry :D

  2. I can't even play tennis. It consists of me whipping around a racket, hitting nothing. So I think you still did better than me! :)

    The weather there looks amazing! I'm so jealous.