Monday, May 23, 2011

boba/bubble tea!

Lover face and I made some homemade boba today. It was tasty but we needed to use at least 2 packets of the milk tea because by the time we added the cold water and ice it was a little too diluted.
1. first get your tapioca balls. I just put in 2 scoops since we only made 2 glasses, but put in as many as you want :)
2. add them to a boiling pot of water. They are done once all of them float to the surface (aprox. 4 minutes).
3. once tapioca balls are finished, take some of the boiling water and add a few inches to 2 packs of milk tea (you may want to add more packets to taste), stir well, than add it to your cup, add boba balls, ice, and top off with cold water and serve!
mmmm, such a yummy drink! plus its better than paying about 3$-4$ for one when you can make it at home :)


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  1. I've actually never even heard of this before. I can't wait to try it!