Friday, April 8, 2011

Accessory pouch.

I dont know about you but I always lose my lipgloss, chap-stick, etc at the bottom of my purse. So I made myself a couple of little pouches to put my small belongings in that way im not having to pull out everything from my purse to find one little thing.
Today was a productive day, got up pretty early (early enough considering it was my day off to sleep in) met up with a friend, got coffee and went to find party accessories for our Beer Fest next saturday. After, got brunch and than went shopping. Shopping was a successful day, ever get those days when you are searching for something or just in the mood to shop and cant find ANYTHING?? I hate that! Anyway, after a few hours of shopping came home and got a little power nap in. Now lover face and I are stuck on what to eat for dinner. Im tired of eating out...but we dont want to eat anything that its our house. haha. Oh what to do...
Have a great night!

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