Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I wore today / darts battle

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: UO
Belt: UO-sale
Tights: Forever 21
Camera ring: Gift from friend
Oval ring: My mothers ring

My dad just taught us the game of cricket for darts.
For years my dad has had a dart board and he recently set it up in our upstairs room. After he taught us how to play lover face and I battled it out.

I definitely had beginners luck the first round haha. Its okay though, I will be practicing so I can kick his little butt (he thinks he is king of darts from beating me)!

Tonight I am getting together with two friends from high school. We are eating at the yummy Loving Hut again. Soo excited to eat there again, and of course see them too :) Until then Its off to eat some lunch and enjoy the day, relaxing.



  1. you look awesome girl!! i love this post :)

  2. The camera ring is so cute! I am so hopeless at darts, haha. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog earlier :) xBeth

  3. You look so cute in your pictures! I love those little props. I also took a look at your BF's music, it's pretty cool! And girl, I'm THE best at playing darts, it's weird, I think I might have a gift because I throw the dart in such a careless manner but it ALWAYS, and I mean with no exceptions, go straight to the jackpot.


  4. Whoa! That camera ring is so cute! Ask your friend where she got it. Thank you please!