Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In love...

With so many adorable shoes from UO! I seriously want every damn pair of flats.


eeek, and those are just a few! Ridiculously cute, right?

Lover face left back to Berkeley the other morning, cant believe in 6 days we will officially be living together :) Im excited!

I am going to the animal shelter today to check up on a potential puppy I might buy this thursday, as long as her owners didn't pick her up. I will try to take pictures of her this time, last time I couldn't get a good shot through the bars of her kennel.

Have a great afternoon!



  1. omg omg omg! My poor purse!! i really want the yellow ones and the bow ones!!! OMG!!!! ohh and good luck with your puppy!!


  2. oh my goodness! i need those yellow shoes. too pretty