Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Collection- 4 diff ways


If you are like me and have a big collection of vintage brooches, I have 4 different ways to incorporate them into your daily outfits so you can put those pretty little things to use.

The first one is adding them to a necklace. Longer necklace's work best, but either short or long it still adds great color.

The second one is adding them to a scarf. I love this look, and they look great on any scarf, solid, printed, floral. Not to mention it helps with keeping your scarf closed.

The third way is adding them to a plain stretchy belt. You can try and add them to another belt, but I found it tough to pin them.

The fourth way is adding them to a purse (solid or printed), tote bags, and even a clutch. There are numerous ways to incorporate them into your outfits. Adding them to headband, putting them on a hairband and wearing it in your hair in a low bun. Have fun experimenting! :)



  1. such good ideas! I have an earring stand that is a flower in a flower pot and the top is a vintage brooch with tiny holes in it for the earrings! Its very cute.