Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day back

Today officially ended summer for I started school which is my last semester! I cant believe after all this time come December I will be graduated. Im scared, nervous but also super excited to see what my future holds for me. This semester should be a pretty easy one, only have classes TWTH. So thats nice :)

Today is exceptionally hot in SF, reached about 90 degrees today...which really is unheard of. I was sweating walking to class to walk into a room with no AC! I know there have been budget cuts, but really the AC when its THIS hot outside?! It was uncomfortable, luckily its just the first day of covering what is expected throughout the semester otherwise I would not be able to concentrate!

Of course I already miss my parents :/ ive called them every day since Ive been back. But chatting with them here and there throughout the days have made it a bit easier.

Okay I MUST share this absolutely wonderfully delicious meal with you all. Its called Halibut Veracruz if you love fish as much as I do (especially halibut) you will LOVE this, I promise! It says intermediate but by no means am I a cook, and it was really easy for me to do.

heres a picture of what mine turned out like. I must admit I am pretty damn proud of myself :)

Since lover face and I have been back in the city we've decided to start re-arranging the apartment for when I move in and also so decorate just a little bit. Of course I will let him have his bachelor pad for the next few months before I take over with all my stuff muuuwaahaha (evil laugh).

a little bit of our kitchen. Sorry for the horrible quality of pictures it was just faster to use my blackberry.

We have this hideous wall heater right smack in our living room so I tried to spice it up a little. We also have a mosaic of mirrors in our hallway which is just a little too 70's for me (although I love the 70's) it just doesn't look cute, we will need to find some way to cover it up since we can't remove them.

Other than that, that is pretty much what has been happening the last few days I have been back. Anyone else start school? or re-decorating/re-arranging their homes?



  1. I don't go back to school until Sunday, but my boyfriend's been there for a few days already for some job training.

    It's very exciting to hear that you're graduating soon! I'm slightly jealous, as I still have three years left. I'm sure I'll enjoy them, though, and they'll go fairly quickly. :)

  2. i think you love thermoses as much as i do :)
    its usually about 95-100 with a heat index of over 100 where i live in the summer so i know about that heat! i dont likey.
    congrats on starting your last semester!

  3. I want all your dishes! They are too lovely :)

  4. Sonya Zombiee You have school on sundays? Also I am sure this semester will fly by too, its already been a week! Youre graduation will come sooner than you know it! :)

    Cherry Red Studio I do love thermoses! I am constantly looking for them. Oh boy I dont think I could live in that hot of weather for more than a week! haha. I used to live in hot weather when I was younger and I really dont know how I survived.

    The Cookie Button Thanks lady! I must say I love my collection of pyrex you should see me rush for them when I spot them out :)

  5. ahhh tara mcpherson! she's one of my favorites! your apartment is going to be so cute!