Friday, August 27, 2010

3 more hours

Until lover face finally turns 21!! (yes I have a boyfriend who is younger than I am). I cant wait for him to finally be able to have drinks with me other than at my house, hah. Today I had work all afternoon, and it was SOO busy! I couldn't believe how busy it was all day long. I got off work around 3:30pm and drove over to Berkeley.
We decided to go to a couple of thrift stores with the few hours we had left before they closed. We stopped by out of the closet and Thrift town and ended up scoring on a few things :) I will post pictures later.

We made some dinner and than decided to go to Trader joes to get some dessert. We picked up a raspberry tart that looked delicious but didnt taste too good :( oh well at least we tried it.

We saw this in the beer section and I thought it was funny,


See you guys soon!


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