Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apartment take 2

Lover face and I are still slowly but surely working on our apartment to make it our own. We went to a couple of thrift stores where I scored on a few more vintage pyrex bowls :) sooo excited to add them to my collection!

Ive also started on my collection of pictures/picture frames on our wall in the living room, which will be our bedroom once I move in since the actual bedroom is just ridiculously too small for both of our stuff.

That was just some of the pictures I had already at the apartment, I need to bring over the rest of my pictures to make the wall complete. But so far I am liking the turn out :)

Im also a huge fan of cute colored, crotched pot holders and have accumulated a bunch of them so Ive decided with the space I have above our kitchen sink to make a collage of them all.

what do you think so far? I wanted to try and display them all because they are all so pretty! (note: remember the thing on the right from my last post? well I finished painting it with 2 mushrooms red and the little mushroom orange)

AHH I keep sneezing, I hope its just my allergies and me NOT getting sick. It would be my luck that I hardly ever get sick, but would be the second week of school! NOT cool! Fingers crossed people!

Tomorrow is another day of school. Not too bad though my first class is from 935-1050am and than I have a few hour break to come home, eat and maybe throw in a little nap? And than my second class starts at 210-325pm. Than its off to lunch with the bestfriend...maybe sushi? Yeah that sounds good :) and than its work, work, work. And than its put on repeat for the next 3 days :/ man I wish summer would of lasted just a tad bit longer. Oh well I cant really complain I do have all day friday off, no school, no work.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love the housewives, I have admitted to this before. Anyone watched/watching the reunion of New Jersey?...its juicy!! I am trying to watch it all but I only can have it so loud since my roommate is already asleep.

alrighty, it is almost 1am I must lay down and try to get to sleep otherwise I will be sleep walking to class! hah.



  1. I love those dishes. The thrift stores around here stink! I can never find anything that fabulous. I can't believe its another school year already. This summer just flew by. Good luck with school and hopefully you're not coming down with a cold.

  2. I watched the reunion. Don't worry, they will re-run it at least once a day until next week's second part. It was pretty ridiculous, though. They just all pretty much ganged up on Danielle. She does contradict herself quite a bit, though, and associating with convicts doesn't really look good for her. The Jersey girls are a little too wild for me, though. I like the new DC girls.

  3. how do you keep finding such cute stuff? its so cute and im jealous :)

  4. Yay, more dishes! tehe.
    Ooh, the crochet pot holders look really nice :)