Saturday, July 31, 2010

sneak peak and fun stuff.

Today was a fun filled day! Lover face and I got up and went to a few more thrift store spots...wasnt TOO impressed. I did manage to find a few cute things which I will post about maybe tomorrow. I am having to use my dinosaur of a computer back at home since my parents do not have wifi here to allow me to use my laptop. So uploading and cropping pictures takes forever! Just these pictures alone took so long, I only have so much patience with slow computers! haha.

My parents and I went to a Padres baseball game. It was a lot of fun! There were so many people there tonight it was great. Scripps hospital had a fundraiser today and they sold over $13,000 tickets, WOW! And we got free bobble-heads (I gave mine to a little boy who ended up coming to the game late and wasnt able to get one because they already ran out). The other one my parents wanted since they have a bunch you can collect throughout the season, and the other one we gave to my grandma.

the game was fun, but the poor padres lost :( we left after the 7th inning since we were so behind.

After the game we stopped by my grandmas house, she is so cute she baked me a cake! It was yummy. It was white cake with rootbeer frosting?...weird but it was tasty. OHHH and she made pozole! OMG! I have been craving this soup for so long and what is the odds she cooked some tonight! Scored me a huge bowl :)

ok, like promised I am showing a sneak peak of what is to come in my etsy shop very, very soon. I wanted to be completely finished with my wood work ones BUT silly me forgot most of my craft supplies back in San Francisco, so I am forced to go buy a few things to finish them off...but you can get most of the idea of what it is I am making.

I need to go buy some paint and deco paint markers to draw my little bunny. And I need some ribbon and felt to finish off the other one. I also want to pick up some more wood because I have created a few more characters I want to paint.
HINT: a bird that "hoots" and love bunnies :)

say hello to,

who will also be up for sale in my shop very soon.

Hope you all have a great night!

ps. I dont think I ever did this, but THANK you all for the bday wishes it means a lot to me!!! Soo sorry I forgot to mention it in my last blog :/



  1. I love the stuff you are selling on etsy! I should make myself a profile there.
    Miss yougurt is really cute (: