Friday, July 30, 2010

its been a few...

Days I know, I am sorry. The day right after my bday the lover face and I drove home to San Diego which took aprox 8 hours. We got to San Diego around 3pm my dad didnt get home from work until about 5:30pm so I decided to take a little nap in between. It is great being home and being with my family along with my boyfriends family. I enjoy being home since I am not able to come home too often due to school/work.

Later on that night I met up with a really good friend of mine since high school, Kim, to grab some sushi from our favorite local spot and took it to her house and caught up on life. I also got to sit and talk to her mom as well which was nice.

Yesterday the lover face and I went to a few different thrift stores here in San Diego, and let me tell you what a disappointment they were. Everything was WAY over priced, and the places had barely anything in them for how large the actual store was. We arent giving up just yet though, we plan to go to a few more just to give them another chance...but so far they dont compare to San Francisco's thrift stores.

Later on that night we went to our friends house where I saw a good handful of friends that I havent seen since Christmas. It was nice to see them and catch up with them. It never fails, it doesnt matter how long it is that we have seen each other it always feels like we never left when we get together.

Today was a nice relaxing day, slept in and than went grocery shopping with the boyfriends grandma. She is so cute, I love her. She is this tiny little Japanese woman who has the cutest accent in the world. We came back to the house and made some lunch. After, I headed back to my house to wait for my mom who was getting off work at 3pm. I helped my mom cook dinner and we just talked. I love hanging out with my mom just the two of us, we always have so much to talk about and we can laugh about so many things.

My dad got home from work and I had him help me take off this decal Ive had on my car since I was 18 yrs old and decided its time to take it off. It was a crown (I know, I know, NOT cute)...Ive been wanting to take it off for some time now BUT it has helped me find my car easily due to the fact 90% of people have my car (Toyota Corolla) but it really needed to go.

The boyfriend and I are debating on getting the new iPhone 4 we have been looking stuff up online and comparing the Droid with the iPhone. We arent sure what we are going to decide will add easily another 70 something dollars to the monthly bill with the iPhone AND at&t just switched their plans where you can no longer have unlimited internet use for the iPhone, now they only offer 200MB or 2GB per month :/ I guess we will just wait and see...

Tomorrow the plan is to wake up early (roughly around 9am) and head back out and give the thrift stores another chance. I would really love to find some more pyrex bowls for my collection :) I will let you guys know how the day goes!

I finally uploaded all my bday pictures, here are a just a few because I didnt realize how many I took. haha.

OH yeah, I also have a couple of new things to add to my etsy shop. I will show you some sneak peaks of the stuff tomorrow, so be sure to check back! :)

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend filled with lots of fun stuff!


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