Sunday, July 4, 2010


I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! I had a blast spending it here in NY. Went over to the families Aunt and Uncle's house. It was a lot of fun. We went swimming for a few hours which felt great considering how hot it was outside. Played with all the little kids, tried to teach them to swim but it was pretty much impossible. hah.

After swimming for a couple of hours we ate a bunch of yummy food. Chicken, burgers, hotdogs, pasta, salad. After eating the host of the party had numerous games lined up for all of the adults to play to win prizes. There were a series of games you had to play and win in order to stay in and compete to the next round of games. We played an oreo game where you stick the oreo on your forehead and move it down to your mouth without using your hands by moving your face around to get it in the direction to fall into your mouth. It was hilarious watching everyone try and get their oreo into their mouths.

The second game we played was called the candy elevator. Which is two pencils taped together with 5ft long strings attached to both sides. You put the strings over your ears and have the pencil sit on the ground while someone comes and puts one skittle on the pencil. You have to move the pencil up using the string that is over your ears all the way up to your mouth and eat the skittle.

The third game we played was we were given a bag of skittles and five little white cups and we had to seperate all the skittles by color. Sounds super easy I know but it does get you anxious when you are being timed and are playing against 12 other people!

The fourth game we played was to stack red cups in a pyramid without having them fall and then take it down and stack all the cups back together and who ever did it the fastest won.

I and another guy were the finalist who had to take 2 rolls of party streamers and unroll them using our arms in a huge windmill motion. You should try it, it is a lot harder than it looks. The other guy won but there were 2 prizes I ended up winning the box set of all the Ocean's movies which was pretty awesome because I knew right away my boyfriend would love them.

After all the game craziness we headed out to the front yard to watch some fireworks. The fireworks were pretty cool, its just crazy how you are able to set fireworks off right in your front yard without having the police come and harrass you about it like they do in California.

OH and I saw for my very first time ever fireflies tonight. They are beautiful. I have never seem them in real life. It was amazing. Something you DONT see in California.

We decided to go for a night swim, which was a great idea to cool down plus all the kids were gone or asleep by this time so we had the pool to ourselves. We ended up having swim races and seeing who could hold their breath the longest, just like little kids do haha. Either way it was fun.

Well tomorrow is my last day in the big city. A little sad, but I think I am ready to go home. I will def miss the wonderful family I have had the pleasure in meeting and staying with along with their cute kids. For our last day we are heading back into the city and soaking up the last bit we can.

As for now I am going to sleep. Goodnight.


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