Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New York Adventures.

Well I am back from NY, yesterday my lover face picked me up from the airport around 2pm and showed up with these lovely things,

aww he missed me so much :) we went and grabbed some lunch since I was starving from only getting crackers and a soda on the plane. I got to see my friend Juan for a little bit we grabbed some dinner to catch up, it was nice.

Ok so this is probably just going to be a picture overload because I seriously took over 700 pictures while I was in NY (dont worry I am NOT uploading 700 pictures to my blog! hah). But there is going to be a good handful of ones :)

View from Empire State Building.

our tickets

My friend Rita and I

us across the street from the Empire State Building

delicious street peanuts

Time square during the day

fountain in Central Park

we had these pretty much everyday to cool us down from the heat! My favorite was the mango one...mmmmm

A day at the beach on Long Island

laying out relaxing

Gina (Rita's cousin), Rita, me

Brooklyn Bridge

the famous wall street bull

there were too many people waiting to take a picture in the front, so I decided to take one of the back

my ticket to board the ferry

Libby from the ferry

Libby up and personal

my chili dog

Prospect park in Brooklyn

Here are some awesome pictures of Brooklyn street art

I had an amazing time! I want to go back but bring lover face with me!

For the rest of the day I think we will get back into our routine of thrifting and than I want to make a nice homemade dinner...lets see what I can come up with :)



  1. Wow, these pictures are super!
    Looks like you had an awesome time :D

  2. I had an amazing time! I LOVED it....just hated the muggy weather :/