Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Thrifting!

I have decided that every week I will be posting, a sunday thrifting post and in this post it will show/tell you all my findings for the day and my favorite thrift store for that week!! Every sunday it has been a routine for my boyfriend and I to go all over the place just the two of us and thrift shop ALL day long (literally) we get up around 930am-10am and non-stop til 6pm when the stores start to close we are out going from place to place on the hunt for sweet findings! SO be sure to come back every sunday to check out Sunday Thrifting from here on out :D

We went to several different thrift shops today roughly about 8 of them. I'd say we had a pretty successful day! I found this awesome chair that will take place of my desk chair that I previously have, it was only 8$ Super cute and super vintage :D

came along A LOT of purses today...I can never help myself when it comes to cute bags...EVER. I have way too many to even keep track of BUT I will be selling a few on Etsy so keep an eye out for them :D

also scored on a really sweet side dresser (I dont have a picture because I left it in my car)...its a fixer upper, but it was totally worth the 4$ I spent on it. I think I am going to spice it up and paint it a bright color!

We ended up going to saint vincent de paul and just our luck EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off! I think we spent the most at this store...we found some pretty awesome trivia and board games for only 1$...WHAT!!! thats just crazy!

Here is a picture of the other cute stuff I picked up. Check out the awesome Royal type writer for only $12 !!!

okay so my thrift store of the week is...ECO Thrift!

This thrift store is awesome, ECO Thrift is always seeking new ways to enhance the recycling chain. They find new ways to reduce waste and promote reuse whenever possible. They work with recyclers and distributors who purchase from them what merchandise does not meet their standards. They distribute this merchandise to third world countries that can use the products.

What a great way to help out their community! GO ECO THRIFT!



  1. awesome stuff! i love the typewriter its so cute! i decided to share some pics on my blog of some of my home decorations, and i think my teapot is the same color as the typewriter lol. i love all shades of blue and pink- looks like you do, too :)

  2. I saw your pictures on your blog :D and yess i LOVE blues, teals, mint greens, etc. !!