Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello tiredness.

zzzzzzz...even though I am beat from getting up at 5:15am I still managed to fit in some felt time! I forget how much I LOVE working with felt! I have tons, and I mean TONS of felt sheets so I decided to start working with it again. I am pleased to say I put together these pretty awesome owls and made them into wall/door hangers. Here is a pic but I haven't quite finished stitching everything yet. I am making 2 of these this one has gray owls, but I also made some cute tan owls too :)

one day I will have you...my dream car.

Sorry for the quick post!

ps. My roommate and I were stealing internet (because we are cheap asses) and they ended up putting a lock on it, BOO...sooo I wont have internet til thursday night just an FYI if I cant find internet before then!

Hope everyone has a good night :D



  1. i love the owls.theyre so cute! are you going to sell any of them?

  2. The owls are awesome!

  3. LOVE them!!! awesome work :)
    and great blog.

  4. thanks for all the love!!

    and yess I will be selling these soon on Etsy!!! Im excited :D