Friday, June 11, 2010

Internet update

sigh...omg guys I was sooo frustrated last night! The internet people from comcast were supposed to show up between 6-8pm...9pm rolls around and still NO sign of the guy. I tried calling comcast to figure out if he was still coming and not even comcast couldnt get a hold of the technician who was supposed to be coming to my house to set everything up. So I ended up getting 20$ credited to my account for the inconvenience of having to wait, and I re-scheduled the appointment for monday the 14th.

In the mean time I will be using the internet at my work, and off and on at my boyfriends place this weekend since I will be spending most of my time there.

Getting internet should NOT be this complicated...haha. Just my luck though.

Well I start work in 5 minutes so I better get going. Also what do you think about the new layout? Im iffy on it...I especially dont like how my header isnt centered, I tried messing around with it but when Its centered it makes everything off centered...GRR! I will mess with it later, maybe I will just change it back to being "simple" !

I am so excited I have both saturday AND sunday off!! Going to be doing a lot of thrift shopping, CANT WAIT :D

Have a great afternoon!



  1. ive had bad experiences with trying to get my internet and phone working. last time i moved it took 2 weeks before they got it to work!!

  2. yeah tell me about it! Well at least I will be at my boyfriends house the entire weekend so I will have access to internet!

  3. If you edit the image and put a white patch round the outside then re-upload it does that make any difference?