Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, but as you all know I am internet deprived until monday morning. Anyway, the lover and I went on an all day adventure yesterday going to a bunch of goodwills, thrift stores, salvation army's, etc from Berkeley all the way up through San Jose. Some of the places were definitely a complete fail but after about the 4th stop it got better.

Lover face made a long list of every where we were going to stop and had all the reviews and their phone numbers. He is always so organized, because if it were me we would just be driving in circles!

It is crazy hot over here in the bay area! We reached to 95 degrees (ouch thats hot!)...and our apartment isnt a fan of really hot weather, so when its hot outside its about 2X's hotter inside our apartment :/

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
We always need to stop and get some sbux before any adventure of ours.

Me: Triple Iced espresso with 2 splendas and a splash of soy milk please :D (yes, I know this sounds high maintenance BUT my excuse for that is that I work at starbucks...DONT JUGDE ME!) haha.

Lover Face: Ice venti soy chai with 2 shots of espresso (also known as a dirty chai)

I did manage to find some shorts (ive been searching for cheap summer clothes since I will be in NY in a week!!!!) They are definitely granny shorts BUT I think I can rock them...fold them up, wear a cute belt and some tights maybe? maybe not the tights since I keep hearing how very hot NY will be. I just refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes that I can hardly wear out here. I am ghostly white I might add, I will probably blind every person in New York City! haha.

My friend and I are SUPER, SUPER excited to be going to NY for 2 weeks!! GAAAAHHH I CANT WAIT!

I am planning on bringing my laptop with me to NY so I can post about the adventures I have. I just hope I will have easy access to internet.

well I think it is time for me to stop being a bum and go outside and have some fun.

I will be back later to post my thrift store of the week! So be sure to come back for that!!

See you all later, hope everyone has a great sunday!



  1. its been really hot here too. my car said 101 the other day!..cant wait to see your thrift finds. reminds me i need to post mine too-i got an awesome fondue pot..which ofcourse means i have to have a fondue party now...

  2. heyy i just recently came across your blog so i thought id say hi :) but i live in ny and yes it's definitely hot here but its pretty rainy lately too..and if you're worried about internet access dont, there's wifi connects everywhereeeee lol

  3. Cherry Red: oohhh yumm fondue! Yes I believe it does call for a fondue party!!

    Elle: Hello right back to you! and welcome :D thanks for the FYI on the weather and internet! glad to know I will be surrounded with internet connection because I def want to blog about everything I do and see in NY! any suggestions on where I MUST go??