Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thrifting sundays.

well I said I would be back later today and that I am for
The lover and I definitely had our share of thrift stores this weekend but my favorite out of all of them and where I seemed to find the most stuff is Thrift town!

this store has crazy low prices on just about everything! especially clothes! Cardigans, shirts, blouses, pants, dresses for as low as $1.99, when I searched through the clothes I didnt see anything priced higher than $6.99. Not to mention the store has nothing but great reviews on

OH YEAH i forgot to mention, they also have a HUGE selection of books, sweet books I might add! I found craft books, stitching books, sewing books, beading books, etc and they were all fairly new from the late 2000's and up for super cheap. I was super excited when my boyfriend spotted them out!

Just a few things I picked up from Thrift Town. I love my deer.

these must be my favorite earring find in a long time! sooo cute!

Since our apartment is soo hot, me and my boyfriend decided to take a little walk to get something to drink we decided on boba and it did the trick to help cool us down. On our way back to our apartment we decided to check out the new Trader Joes that just opened up just blocks from our place. The place is HUGE, one of the biggest Trader Joes I have been to yet. Anyway we looked around and in the dried fruit section we came across dried hibiscus flowers....????? strange right? Well we thought so, so I bought us a pack to try them. To my surprise they were DELISH!

I recommend trying them if you haven't. They are a little weird to eat just because they are the full flower dried so they are a little tuff to chew.

I also started making a new necklace, I still need to work on it because I dont love it just yet. But here is what it looks like thus far not sure if you guys can tell but the round pendant is actually a peacock.

well I am off to play some sonic the hedgehog (old school I know) with the boyfriend and maybe watch a movie. Goodnight!



  1. soooo strange! hibiscus flower? didn't know you could even eat that!


  2. That thrift store looks great!
    I Wish there were places as big as that where I live.. they are all so tiny :(

  3. Ashley: yeah me either! When I picked them up I thought they were placed in the wrong spot! haha. but nope you can eat them :)

    The cookie button: aww, well if it makes you feel any better I do have to drive a ways to get to cool spots like these, since I live in the city it is hard to come across HUGE thrift stores. usually my boyfriend and I have to drive outside the city to find the big awesome ones :) try googling thrift shops in different towns near you and just make a day of it! Im sure you will run into bigger ones!

  4. soo jealous of your deer!

    ive never tried hibiscus but you can eat lots of different flowers. you can eat violets and roses. and you can make tea from rosehips! the petals taste a little strange...sometimes i pick them off my moms rosebush lol :)