Friday, June 4, 2010

The things I do.

This is just pictures what what I have been up to in between work and my day off.

here is the dress my boyfriend ended up sewing for me to make it shorter because it was ridiculously too long for me.

and now it looks like this :D

please excuse the messy room in the back of the pictures, haha. I REALLY need to clean up! anyway, I think my boyfriend did a pretty good job :D he is definitely a lot better with the sewing machine than I am.

I sewed our curtain for our front door (because its a weird door that has about 6 square windows on it) when we moved in it had this hideous bamboo thing on it, I dont even know what you would call it, so I went out and bought this cute aqua/blue-ish curtain that ended up being too long, and I couldnt even sew the curtain straight! HAHA! When I pulled the curtain off the sewing machine and held it up to show my boyfriend all he could do is just bust out laughing, he was sweet about it and said "I dont think anyone will notice too much"... :( I FAIL at sewing a straight line. I would show you guys the curtain but I will save myself the embarrassment!

I made a bunch of tags for my jewelry too!

Also I have more stuff I will be putting up on etsy but of course you all get the sneak peak preview...duh!

this is something I am still working on, but its going to be a super cute felt wreath. I still have about 15 more leaves to sew, and I need to stitch the bird and bird house. Overall I am liking the turn out so far!

this is a super cute vintage purse that will be up for sale soon, I am hoping to get it up by tomorrow or so...hopefully.

and this one as well, its funky and cute :D

and this is my cute little funky animal and yes he is farting a heart :D

ok I am off for now...have a great rest of the day!!


  1. i have to cut up nearly all my dresses... cause i'm so frickin' short :)

  2. I'm 5 ft 2 and a UK size 16 - that means that all the short skirts that are in fashion are too too short and the maxi dresses make me look like a midget or something!

    So I made my own skirt last week - it took me more time to hem the skirt then it did to cut out and make the rest of the dress lol.

    My hubby would tell me to go ask my Mum rather than help me sew it up. Hi Five to your boyfriend