Saturday, June 26, 2010

The big city cont'd

Yesterday we drove into queens so we could drop the kids off at their Aunt's house so we could go into the city just us girls. We took the subway in queens to canal street. This street is just filled with shop after shop after shop. It's insane. OH and another thing that was really crazy was as you walk down the street these little asian women will come up to you and just say, "Louis Vuitton?" "Coach?" so we stopped and they handed us this sheet of paper that had pictures of all the purses they had for sale. The entire time my friend and I were looking at it the little asian girl kept getting phone calls from people and she had to keep taking the paper away from us...felt like some drug deal! haha. We were going to get a couple of purses because we ended up getting her down on the price but it was just taking forever so we just walked away.

We went to China Town which wasnt too exciting for me considering San Francisco has it's own China Town. We ate some food while we were there too, it was pretty tasty but my favorite part was of course the boba milk tea we had with our lunch.

After China Town we started walking through little Italy (San Francisco also has a little Italy) but New Yorks is a lot better and bigger. Rita's cousin ended up having to go back to queens to pick up her kids so Rita and I decided to stay in the city and have our own adventure.

We went to SOHO which was cool but most shops were out of my price range. It was still cool going in them though. New York also has these crazy parking structures where the cars are literally stacked on top of one another. They get the cars up with a big elevator type thing...its crazy, dont see anything like that in California.

we were on our way to wall street but never exactly made it because we stopped in almost every shop. I spent WAY too much money, yesterday was definetely my spending day. It was starting to get a little late and Rita's cousin called us telling us we should start heading back to uptown. So we got back on the subway and got off at Time Square. It was awesome seeing all the lights at night. We got hooked up with 2 comedy tickets for 10$ we will see if they end up being legit (I know there are a lot of imposters so we will see).

Today we are just relaxing on Long Island. Hanging out with the kids, possibly going to some outlets and thrifting.

Tomorrow we are going back into the city and staying the night at one of Rita's friends who is studying out here for the summer. The comedy show is supposed to be tomorrow night, and monday morning we are planning to wake up early to head over to the ferry to try and see the Statue Of Liberty. We will see.

Well thats it for now, I will be back when I can :)



  1. sounds like a fun day! if you haven't yet, check out the new Forever 21 in Times Square (Broadway at 45th St)! It just opened yesterday. I just got back from there myself and I spent way too much money! :D

  2. sounds like youre having a lot of fun!!! so jealous!
    o im having a giveaway if u get a chance to swing by and enter before tuesday :)

  3. totally with you on the whole crazy parking structure thing. it confused me a lot :/

  4. i love your blog and i gave you a blog award! you can get it here:

  5. hi, Meggs!

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks again for being my follower and participating in my giveaway! I am having another one soon so check back!! :)

    your blog is very cute and I am so jealous you live in San Francisco! I would love to be there right now!

    love, polly