Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second day in the big city!

wow, we did SO much today!! First off the weather here is insane! It is beyond muggy with clear blue skies but is also supposed to storm tomorrow...? haha. We had some delicious frozen fruit bars, I had mango...I am going to be buying those the entire time I am here! Cheap and it helps cool you down from being in the hot, hot sun.

In the morning I got woken up by the 2 little munchkins, I will have to show you these 2 adorable kids...seriously. I got up got ready and we drove to the train station, it took us about an hour to get into the city. We got off at penn station on Mathattan Island. It was amazing! We hit Madison Square Garden right as we exited the station and than headed directly to the Empire State building. Lucky for us the line didnt have a long wait, aprox 20 minute wait, so we bought our tickets and headed on up!

We went up to the 108th floor (I think it was the 108th)...well whatever the 15$ ticket gets you. The view was amazing, they even had an outisde area. I have tons of pictures of everything we saw today but I am using my friend's family's laptop so I dont want to upload anything.

After the Empire State building we headed to some shops where I got just a couple of things, didnt want to spend too much money my very first day in the city. We went to 5th Ave (that is where all the richy shops are). We stopped at this really awesome church (cant remember the name of it, bare with me I am pretty tired from all the running around we did). We saw Rockerfeller square, time square, the NBC buidling, we even almost saw Denzl Washington but we just had missed him apparantely he is performing in some play/show. After it was Central Park where we spent a few hours walking/sitting around. The park is beautiful! We didnt get to see the entire park (obviously) it is about 6 miles long, but we did go to the fountain and strawberry fields. We will definetely need to stop by there again.

After all of that it was about 730pm and we needed to catch the next train back out to Long Island since the trains only run on the hour. On the train we ended up meeting/talking with this man who looked like the King Of Queens guy, I dont know his name. He was telling us all about New York and its history and everything. Usually I dont really care to talk to people when I am on trains, the bus, bart, etc because for the most part I figure everything that is coming out of their mouths is not true...but this guy seemed like everything he was saying was legit. Plus it made the hour long train ride go by a lot fast :)

Tomorrow we are staying on Long Island and going to the beach, hitting some shops that are over here and possibly stopping by the carnival that is going on in the neighborhood. It is supposed to storm tomorrow evening so depending on how the weather goes we might see some fireworks too.

Well I guess that is all for now because I am unable to share pictures right now :( but dont you worry because I will have TONS and TONS of pictures by the time I get back home to upload them all!

How did you day go? Do anything fun/exciting? If so I wanna hear about it!



  1. It sounds like you're having so much fun! xo

  2. sounds like youre a busy girl! i cant wait to see your pictures!
    today was a bit better for me. worked a lot and visited the im relaxing :)

  3. :D This sounds super!
    My day wasn't half as good as yours.. just spent it taking down my college work and reading out in the sun x