Thursday, May 13, 2010

what the weekend has in store...

This weekend is jammed packed with activities! So tomorrow I have work all day 8-5pm, I want to make a trip to the craft store to look around and see what cute things I can pick up.

Saturday: work all day again, than come home clean up the house (really my room its a huge mess at the moment) because saturday is my BFF roomie's birthday! We are having devil eggs with mimosas...yes I know we keep it classy :) and than its off to Slide (its a club here in SF). Should be tons of fun! cant wait!

Sunday: wake up early and drive over to berkeley to see Mr. Lover because his family is visiting! We will be hanging out with his mom and sister. We just got our place that I will move into in January, but in the mean time he will live there by himself (I will be visiting on the weekends) so his mom decided to come up and help us move and get everything settled. Its a super cute place :) and there is this cool bead store right outside our place so I am excited to go and see what they have! I will try and take some pictures just so you can see how many beads are in this place.

hmm what else...I got some quickly today after class! If you don't know what quickly is click here:

It was yummy! I finished it in like 10 min :)

Confession: I love watching the real housewives. My roomie and I watch it every thursday night. So for the past hour thats what I have been doing! hah!

Goodnight :)

ps. I just remembered I get paid tonight!! WOO!!


  1. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog header picture. Those flowers are so cheery!

  2. Thanks, wish i could take credit for the picture but i cant, haha! :D