Thursday, May 13, 2010

da doo, post number 1

So after a long time of browsing through other blogs I've decided that since summer is in about a week I am going to start my own since I will have TONS of time, and I must say I am super excited to have a place & space to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and my silly ramblings.

School is still in, next week is my last week and 3 finals will sum it all up. I can not express how over school I am, and how this is my first summer EVER that I have decided to skip out on summer school. I HAVE 3 MONTHS TO DO WHATEVER I WANT! YAY! I have so much planned...

-update blog daily
-make blog way cuter
-create an etsy account
-make tons of crafts :)
-exercise (though this probably wont happen as often as i would like)
-NY in june
-SD in july
-go thrifting as much as possible

AHHH so much to do! sooo excited, can you tell? haha :)

well I guess the first post is always boring & lame. I really need to spice this place up!

be back later!

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