Monday, May 17, 2010

jammed packed weekend.

OMG this weekend was super busy!

Friday: worked all day long and than drove over to berkeley since the boyfriends family drove up to visit for the weekend. I needed to drop off some lamps since my boyfriend just moved into the new apartment and there wasnt any light. So I stayed over for a little bit to say hi and hangout for a little, but since they had such a long drive they fell asleep pretty early. After, I drove back home since I had work the next morning.

Saturday: got off work after 7pm and rushed home to shower and get ready because it was the roomies birthday and we were having people over for drinks and than going out! Got home, got ready, had a few friends come over for a little and than we headed to slide.

aww, we all look so dressed up :D

Sunday: the boyfriend called me early morning so i could meet up with him and his family in downtown. We literally went EVERY WHERE you possibly could in SF just to name a few, Lombard street, Powell, Fischermens wharf, Ghireardelli Square, Haight, Golden Gate Bridge, Japan Town...and after we spent all day in SF we drove over to berkeley to cook dinner and to hangout for a little while. I was soo sleepy driving back home :/ after finally getting back home I passed out!

OH and in between being busy I did get a chance to work on my crafts, cant wait to start up my etsy account! I have the entire summer (after this weeks finals are over) to work on all my ideas for my store :D

I will post some sneak peak pictures on here a bit later of my jewelry that will be up for sale!! :D

Well, I must get back to studying for all my finals...can't wait for this week to be over (well until thursday is over) because I will be officially on summer vacation!!!! YAY!!!

K, I will be back later on.


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