Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunny Sunday!

Today is yet another beautiful sunny day in San Francisco! I LOVE it! For some strange reason I woke up at 530 am this morning...weird huh? especially since I didnt get home from work until after midnight. AND then after I woke up I wasnt able to fall back asleep because at our apartment our owners have this dog who they left outside all night and he was cold so he kept crying/barking so I went outside to let the poor thing in the garage.

today is day 3 of 5 closing shifts...they actually havent been too bad and the upside is that tomorrow is time and 1/2 at work for memorial day! So I will be getting paid for a 12 hour day :D HELL YES!

Cant wait for weds. we are going to go thrift shopping and I am going to get my crafts done that have just been patiently waiting to be finished. Also I would like to sew the 2 dresses I found a while ago while thrifting, they are going to look SO cute when they are finished!...I just hope I dont ruin them with my low skills of the sewing machine :/ we will see how that goes, hah.

here is a sneak peak of my finished ready to sell/ship out items! I just cant hold the excitement in!!! I just LOVE how everything has turned out :D

well its off to start my day...until tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoys their sunday :D


  1. your stuff looks super cute! when are you opening shop? i will heart it :)

  2. thanks!! I am ready to open my shop now BUT my stupid debit card got sent to my address in San Diego when I live in San Francisco, so I am waiting on it!! annnd this weekend is a holiday so I dont know when I will get it :( im getting to frustrated because I cant finish setting up my etsy account without the credit card im going to use for paypal!