Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Afternoon!

I think today I will do a mini project. I recently bought this ceramic owl that is in need of a new paint job.

I think I will paint him a fun color, I have a good hand-full of different colored spray paints.

I will post pictures of how it turned out later...prob tomorrow since I will be heading to work soon. Tomorrow is the first of June and my count down will officially begin because I will be heading to....(drum roll please)...NEW YORK on June 22nd. AHHHHH soooo excited!!!! Ive always wanted to go since I was kid...and I am finally going with a friend for not 1 but 2 weeks!!!

AHHHHH...CANT WAIT :D If anyone has any suggestions for what we should see/do in New York I would love to hear them :D I want to make sure I do as and see as much as I can when I am there.

ok, mini nap time and than its off to work.

Have a wonderful monday!


  1. I went on a college trip to New York in march and it was fantastic, something I will remember forever.
    You are so lucky that you are going for two whole weeks! I only went for 6 nights but those were some of the most jam packed days of my life.
    The places I went to were..
    Metropolitan Museum, American National History Museum, Gugenheim, Ground Zero, Times Square, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building Observatory (YOU MUST DO THIS!) Liberty Island, Whitney American Art Museum and lots of shopping!
    Hope this helps you out a bit :) x

  2. EEEK! :O I love that owl! Be sure to show him all finished :)

  3. ive never been to ny but id love to go. youll have to come back and tell me where i should go! congrats on the trip :)
    mr owl is very cute and i bet he'll look awesome when you paint him.

  4. COOKIE BUTTON: OMG thanks sooo much for all the places to visit :D I will DEF go to all of them! I have them written down! I CANT WAIT!!!!

    CHERRY RED STUDIO: I will most def tell you how everything goes, I will more than likely post while im in NY :D

    WOLFIE LOVEHART: welcome to my blog! :D and yes I will post Mr.Owl after he is all nice and painted...I think I am going to paint him a green color, what do you think??

  5. that is such a friggin' cute owl :3
    be sure to post a pic of when it's done! :D

  6. I have always wanted to spray paint something like that but I never have anything cool enough. Your colors are so awesome and I can't wait to see the finished product!!
    Have sooooo much fun in NY!!!

  7. I went to New York last fall for the first time. It was so great! Remember to go to a pinkberry, because the only locals are in NY or LA, but it's soooo yummmy!

    Also, I would DEFINITELY look into getting a "go" card. If will give you really good discounts and you can ride the tour buses for free. This really saved us a lot of money and time in lines.

    Remember you have to go to China Town!

  8. well poop, you live in Ca. YOu prob get to go to pinkberry whenever you want.... i'm jealous :(

  9. New york is so fun! I love going there. I especially like going to the numerous amount of museums, like Museum of modern art and Natural history museum. You should check out Madame Tussaud's wax museum! It's so fun taking pictures with the wax figures.