Wednesday, June 2, 2010


SO I FINALLY GOT MY DEBIT CARD IN!!!! I stayed up til 330am this morning setting up my etsy shop. I am so so SOOO excited :D I havent finished uploading everything I am going to sell in my shop, i didnt realize how much jewelry I have made these past couple weeks, not to mention how many vintage things I have that I want to sell. So after I am done posting its back to uploading more things to sell in my shop :D

ALSO look here in a few minutes because I am posting a banner that will link you directly to my etsy shop! I would LOVE it if you came and took a look around!!

another thing, I will be having a button that will link you to my lover face's you tube account where you can listen to all of his songs/samples! He would greatly appreciate you taking a listen. He loves making music, it his greatest hobby...and to share it with others makes him happy :D

Yesterday I ended up switching my shift with a girl at work so I could come in at 7pm instead of 3pm so I headed to Berkeley to hang out with the boyfriend. We walked around, ate lunch, went to Out Of The Closet and I ended up picking up this super cute purse and shoes for only 7$ !!!

I stopped at the bead shop (yes i know I think Im addicted) I didnt buy a lot just a couple of little things. We went to American Apparel to pick up a new sweater jacket in black for the boyfriend since he has worn his other one down and was in desperate need of a new one. After we both headed back in the city so I could go to work, my boyfriend stayed and waited for me at the store and worked on his music.

This morning we both got up to head to one of our favorite good wills, and it just so happens our friend is the manager there so we got HOOKED up! I found so many cool things, shoes, jewelry, old vintage thermos, a really cute vintage cardigan that is cream colored with gold glittered designs (I think it will look amazing when I go out at night and wear it with some dark skinny jeans and some sexy black heels!) and the boyfriend got some laser disks and movies.

OH YEAH I also finished painting my owl, I decided to paint him...GREEN! I like the way it turned out :D

What do you think? better than before?

sooo for the rest of the day:

-work on etsy shop (keep checking back to see new postings in my store!)
- sew the 2 dresses Ive been meaning to sew (If i end up getting them finished I will post them for you to see)
- work on more tags for my jewelry for etsy
- make/get dinner
- take a mini nap? (I am sooo sleepy from staying up so late, but i couldnt help myself I was just TOO excited!)
- craft (Ive been meaning to make some things out of felt...just havent gotten around to it :/)

What are your plans for today?
Also, if you check out my etsy store let me know what you think, please?




  1. The owl looks good! congrats on your shop opening! I need to add some new things to mine too :)

  2. thanks!! I think the owl looks pretty good if I dont say so myself...just have to find a spot for him in my room.

    If you have any tips for my shop I would love to hear them since I am new to Etsy :)