Friday, May 28, 2010

payday friday!

yes, yes, yes! I got paid! haha...and what is even better is that my deposit check came in from my old place! (finally). The only thing is I have to meet up with my old roommate who I dont hate, but have no intensions being friends with. So I am not looking forward to having to meet up with her later today to get the check deposited. ugghh, oh well.
Does anyone else have an old roommate that in the end didnt turn out well, or you guys just werent meant to live with one another?

For some reason my body just woke me up this morning, so I am here awake. I kept getting emails from UO saying they just put up hundreds of new items in the sale I decided to torture myself by looking.

I want, want, want:





oh man, thats just a few. Such pretty things right? LOVE, LOVE the floral shams/rug!! annnnd I would really like to buy the boots, but considering my closet is already over flowing with shoes I think I should hold off :/ I should have a yard sale to make room so I can buy new stuff! hah.

Today is the starting of my 5 closing shifts in a row at work. OH yeah not sure if i told you guys where I work let me give you a hint....


Did you guess yet??...YES, I work at starbucks (you will see me shorten it like this, sbux) our closing shifts go from 315pm-midnight. So for 5 days in a row that is my shift! shitty, huh? Oh but dont worry I quickly talked to my boss after seeing the schedule because after these 5 days I will NOT being working 5 closes in a row any more. 5 days in a row is just ridiculous! With that said I will not be able to do much until Wednesday (my day off)...sooo sad.

the other day I stopped by michaels like I mentioned in my last posting to get some glue and beads to finish up this one necklace I had been working on, and I came across this super cool storage bin thats perfect for my beads and such AND it was 40% off which made it 10Xs better! :D

It has 9 little round containers to separate small stuff like beads, buttons, backs to earrings, clasps, etc. they look like this:

they take up half of the box, and the other half of the box is just an open area to store other things. I have my tools, jewelry glue, some pendants, and my spool of bead wire string.

see? I think its pretty handy, it also has a handle to carry it around with you on the go too!

well that is all for now. I am just going to relax maybe clean my room a little, than go meet up with my old roommate, and than its off to work for me!

Hope you all have a great day! Make pretty things!



  1. Nice little container :)
    I tend to keep packaging which looks pleasing to the eye and put my sewing stuff inside.

  2. Everything in this post is absolutely amazing!! I am sooo glad that I stumbled across your blog this morning!! I love it so much :)

  3. 40% off is great! neat little container..and good luck at work-you'll make it!

  4. COOKIE BUTTON: thats a great idea! and not to mention saves you money :D

    JANEL: thanks you sooo much!! Im glad you enjoyed my blog, I am looking forward to having you come back :D !!

    CHERRY RED STUDIO: thanks girl, I will def try and hang in there!