Thursday, August 4, 2011

Restyled//oversized clutch/laptop cover

About a month ago I got inspired from Tick Tock Vintage on her DIY suede purse from a skirt. The other day while I was thrifting I came across a burgundy skirt and immediately thought of her post about transforming a tacky skirt into something new (thanks Veronika!!). At first I wanted to make an over sized clutch but realized after, that it fit my laptop, which is perfect because I have been wanting a new cover for it! BINGO! two in one without even trying :) haha. but seriously, I loved the way it turned out and I lined it with a floral pillow case (also thrifted).

I had just enough left over scraps to make these long fringe earrings too. I have seen them in stores for ridiculous amounts of money, so I figured since I had the perfect material to make them why not? Not too shabby.

I really need to get my butt back into sewing more often. I have so many skirts/dresses that need hemming and alterations, along with a shirt I was in the process of sewing. I think the reason I get unmotivated is because I dont have the proper space to cut/sew. I literally use two TV dinner trays (one holding my sewing machine, while the other catching the fabric) its sad, really. Lover face and I have been discussing moving to a larger place so I can at least have a decent size craft/sewing table. Anyway, enough complaining have a great day! We are off to visit friends in the city for a nice little hike and lunch before they move to Hawaii :(

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  1. I love the laptop case, you are a super crafty lady :D