Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Basin

A few days ago we went to Big Basin with our friends. It was our first time going and it was beautiful. Apparently our friends (who have been there before) had us take the extra long scenic route so it took what seemed like forever to get there! Especially for lover face because after a while we was starting to get car sick from all the twisting turning roads.
Before we left we stopped to get delicious sandwiches from Mr. Pickles to have ourselves a little picnic.
here is lover face showing off his jumping skills. He was competing with me because I completely suck at jumping because I always get scared of hurting my ankles! haha, im such an old lady!
our friends, Chrystal, Anthony, and their son Marcus (and another little boy on the way).
we love each other....kind of. haha. Just kidding.

It was a great all day adventure! It was such a perfect day for it too, nice and sunny, not too hot and not too windy just right :)

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