Wednesday, July 6, 2011

our 4th of July, shared.

Lover face and I shared the 4th of July with one of my besties, Susete, we rode our bikes down to the Marina, well rode them half way because of the crowd! They blocked off the bridge leading to both freeways into Berkeley so the public could walk across to go toward the Marina Pier. It was fun, we had our little spot where we sat on our towel, drank a tall can of beer, talked, laughed and watched some damn good fireworks (although my pictures dont do them justice).
it was nice to actually spend 4th of July here in the bay area, we are usually back at home for the 4th.


ps. I got this awesome new (well new to me) cuckoo clock from the Alameda antique fair last weekend...will post pictures soon after I clean it up and put it all together :)

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