Monday, July 11, 2011

a day in santa cruz hipsta-style.

Sunday, lover face and I met up with a couple of good friends up in Santa Cruz. We have never been, the boardwalk was fun. It was a perfect day to be right on the beach eating chocolate dipped ice cream, fresh fruit and of course corn dogs! lol.

It was fun riding on the different rides on the boardwalk, my friend was so sad that she had to sit out for most rides since she is pregnant...its okay though we made sure we had double the fun for her on the rides. Too bad we had to come back home early, it would of been nice to stay over with our friends, maybe next time. It was great seeing them, they are always so much fun. It works out perfectly since my boyfriend and her husband get along really well. Dont you just love that? When you have friends where both you and your significant other can both go and hangout all day long without one getting bored...I love it :) Awesome way to end our weekend.

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