Sunday, June 26, 2011

old family photos.

My mother and I went up to LA with my grandma to visit my nina (god mother) and my older cousin Kristene. We went through old photo albums and boxes of pictures for a couple of hours because I told my nina I wanted a picture of her from back in her earlier years. It was so cool to look back at how my nina looked, my cousin, grandma, some aunts/uncles and even my own mom. I love, LOVE the way pictures from the 60s-70s look.
Right picture: taken in the late 70s//Left picture: taken in 2010. can you tell that we are related? This is my nina. How crazy is it that we both happen to have silly pictures (Polaroid pictures even!) of our selves in a sombrero! I just HAD to have this picture of her!
my beautiful nina. This is the picture I selected to keep of her.
Jerome, AZ, ghost town, AZ
on the way to Jerome, AZ

I had a great time spending the day with my family, and an even greater time looking at old family photos!

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