Monday, April 18, 2011


...but in a good way! I am leaving to London on weds and still have SO many things to do! This trip came a lot faster than I anticipated and with working full time, catching up with school and finding me time, I havent really had the time to get things ready. For the next 48 hours before I depart I need to do all my laundry, go to the bank, go downtown to exchange money into the correct currency, stop by verizon to get my iPhone switched out for a blackberry while im abroad so I can get international calling...oh yeah and PACK!! all in between class tonight, and work!! This is a much needed vacation :)

With all that said, I will probably be M.I.A while I am in London. I will try to update (key word try) but I will not be bringing my laptop and not sure if I want to be sitting at an internet cafe when I have limited time, you all understand right? haha im sure. But I can tell you this, be waiting for a HEAVY picture post as soon as I get back.

Oh London I cant wait to meet you!!! eeeeeek!!

I need to get up and start my day, have a great Monday!

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