Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sneak peek-what ive been up to

As I've mentioned before I am applying to be in the SF renegade craft fair this summer. So I have been a crafting machine trying to pull together all my crafts and finally finish them in time to take pictures and send them in before the application deadline. Here are so more goodies that I have been making the last couple of days.
1. new fox hip pouches (view here for more pictures of hip pouches)
2. brooches
3. mini-felt notebooks

I've also been working on these awesome plush speak bubbles, but I ran out of stuffing for them so I will have pics of them by tomorrow night. They are fun to play and take pictures with (you'll see what I mean tomorrow).

Lover face and I are going to go grab some food, and than I will be on the computer for a couple of hours doing some online homework...exciting I know. hah. Have a good night!

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