Monday, January 31, 2011

Whats playin on my iPOD mondays.

1. Dial Tone- Andrea Ball
2. Beautiful World- Cold Play
3. Ticket to Ride- The Beatles
4. La La La- The Bird and The Bee
5. Linger- The Cranberries

I was a cleaning machine yesterday. Finally have everything off the floor in our room/living room. Set up my little (pathetic, really) craft station, pictures to come soon! Vacuumed the entire apartment, threw a bunch of things out we didnt need. We tried those space bags for our blankets, pillows, etc. they worked like a charm and fit right under our bed. This place is slowly coming along. As for today, I need to finish going through all my clothes. I want to stop by Michael's craft store to pick up some alligator clips for new sweater clips I am making :) and catch up on some blog reading.

OH! Lover face and I walked to UO yesterday and I got one pair of shoes that was on my list and even better they were on sale for only $9.99...what? CRAZY!

Have a great monday!


  1. Pretty sure I've got the grey ones that the arrow is covering, thats if they're lace ups? It's cheaper for me to shop online UO and get them sent to Australia, than it is to buy shoes here!
    Tone xo

  2. i looove the beatles. and i'm crazy about those shoes!