Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY: yearly planner restyled.

Things you need:
1. Button(s)
2. Felt
3. Scissors
4. Hot glue gun

Instructions: you really can add anything to your planner to make it your own. One of my pet peeves is the logo that they put directly on the front of all planners. So I make (whatever it is) big enough to cover the logo. I made a retro flower with felt, it looks pretty groovy, haha.
-Cut your felt and hot glue it to your planner to be sure it stays on good. After, you will have a cool looking planner that everyone will ask where you got it from (im sure of it). Have fun creating your own, unique planners!

ps. Still have a bunch of moving things around, and cleaning out our apartment. So much work! I've gotten rid of a lot of things but some how its still not enough...any suggestions on organizing all my craft supplies?? I no longer have a desk to put every thing on we had no room for it so I had to leave it behind :/


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