Monday, December 20, 2010

SF renegade fair/ Visiting home.

I was so excited to go to the SF renegade craft fair this year. Ive been wanting to participate in one since SF host 2 of them a year, but was nervous because the terms and application process is a little intimidating. So I figured the best way to see what I would be getting myself into was to go myself. I LOVED it. I wish I could of purchased everything I saw :/ there were so many talented people there, it was amazing. What made the experience even more fun is that my boyfriend was totally into it too, and is so eager to help me prepare for the one which comes in July. He is too cute.

I purchased this awesome recycled book turned into a notebook. The guy who makes these is awesome, he had so many child hood books and school text books turned into notebooks. It was so hard to decide on just 1. After contemplating for about 15 min (seriously) this is the one I decided on. I love how he kept some of the originals pages and incorporated them throughout the notebook.

they also had a booth to take pictures and they had a box filled with props that you could use. We used the mustache ones of course :)

After we went to the craft fair we had a long drive to visit back home. We are in SD visiting for about a month. It is refreshing to be back home seeing family and old friends.

*cheers to good times and good laughs

my dad and I had our measurements taken today for our tattoos we both are getting. Im excited to get them started/finished. Should have them by next week! :)

Oh yes I wanted to share with you this little gift I made for my roomie. My poor friend always tells me that I never make her anything and make things for everyone else, so I made sure to make at least one of her gifts for x-mas this year. She is a total cat lady and wears big black glasses all the time so I thought this was appropriate.

haha, she loved it.

see you soon!

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  1. i have wanted to go to the sf fair but every single time i have something planed! i am determined to go this next time!! i too would LOVE to be a part of the fair, it would be so awesome and a dream come true!

    that sketch book is really awesome! people are so creative, i love it!