Thursday, December 23, 2010

A little bit of sunshine

It has been raining in San Diego nonstop since lover face and I have arrived and today the rain has finally dried up with a little bit of sunshine. I think we will try and go to one of our favorite thrift stores today (Baras). Today is also my dad's birthday.

you truly are amazing! :)

We went to Amvets thrift store a few days ago, only went to 1 because the weather was just ridiculous. I ended up scoring on this super cute military style jacket for only 4$

and this sweet cake/food platter. I have been looking for one just like it for so long!

Besides the crappy weather, the visit home has been great so far. Yesterday lover face bought me some business cards as part of my Christmas gift. I have been wanting some so I could put them in my packages so we found a website which gives you some options to create cards for free you just pay the shipping, and you can also create your own with uploading pictures, etc for about $9.99. So I got 250 of the free ones, and 150 of the ones I've created. They also have a bunch of other things you can use for your small business, magnets, pens, calendars, etc. All for reasonable prices.

This is what is on some of my cards, the other ones are just blue and white.

Okay its time to finish getting ready & than go thrifting!

Have a great day!


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