Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy NYE!!

NYE dress: I must of looked in about 15 different stores for a dress but nothing popped out at me, or it looked horrible when I put it on. There was this one perfect black chic dress with a little embellishments on the collar but of course the medium didn't zip up all the way along my bust line and they didn't have a large :( I was sad, but ended up finding this little number. It isn't as flashy/fancy as I wanted it to be, but I am running out of time! So I picked up a cute necklace and ring to spice it up a little. Im still debating to wear tights with it or not.

and I got my nails done to match the dress! Finally I desperately needed a nice manicure as you can see above.

Lover face got a cute plaid button up, with a light teal shirt to go underneath.

I am still trying to convince him to wear a bow-tie, so far I have failed :/

wouldnt he look so cute with one? YES! Source
pssst I bought him a black one from a thrift store that I will be forcing him to wear tonight :)

I hope everyone has a great NYE (also a safe one)!!!
See you tomorrow.


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