Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY: Embroidery holiday hoop wreath

Todays DIY is a embroidery hoop wreath. This wreath is made to hold holiday cards and pictures. Its super cute and a fun way to show off your christmas cards and pictures.

What you need:
1. large embroidery hoop

2. clothespins
3. ribbon

4. christmas ball ornaments (3)
5. hot glue gun
6. scissors

Step 1:
Get your clothespins and hot glue them to your hoop. Alternate them with one facing out and one facing in. This will help with not overlapping your cards/pictures when you clip them on.

Step 2:
After your clothespins sit and are firmly attached to your hoop, grab your ribbon and attach the ribbon to your 3 selected ornaments. Once you have that done you are going to attach the ornament with ribbon to the bottom of your hoop having them hang at different lengths.

Step 3.
Make your bow for the top of your hoop with the remaining of your ribbon. Hang on your wall and fill your hoop wreath with your cards & pictures!

Yesterday I went to a yard sale that was down my street. This little french lady has yard sales every few months, her garage is filled with nothing but vintage things. Its amazing! I always go crazy when she has her sales. I bought 5 different pyrex bowls, pretty fabric, old vintage x-mas decorations, vintage perfume bottle, a cute pillow and some dollies. I had to stop myself from buying everything up!

It started raining today, so lover face and I are staying in for the rest of the night. We are watching one of my favorite Christmas movies "Christmas Vacation"

Have a great sunday night!