Monday, December 27, 2010


Ive been working on some new fun plush ideas. Since I am visiting back home I do not have my sewing machine, but I have a good handful of things drawn up and ready to be sewn when I get back to Berkeley.

Lover face just recently gave me his Bamboo drawing tablet, and Ive been going crazy drawing on it. Im using it to create my own font, and little cute pictures to put them on buttons for my shop. It was difficult to get used to considering the tablet feels a lot different from paper. The one thing that frustrated me was once you stopped drawing in one spot you have to move the pen around the tablet to find where you left off on the was tricky (so I thought). After drawing for a while I finally got the hang of it. I would show you my designs, but that would just ruin the surprise for when they are complete. Guess you just have to wait :) hee hee.

Today I am meeting up with a old friend of mine from high school to have some sushi and catch up. Im excited to see her and see what she has been up to now that she has graduated and started her career (Yikes, its crazy to say that bc even thought its been 5 years since Ive graduated high school, it still feels like just yesterday). Ever wonder where the time goes? Its crazy how fast it flies by.

Later today a group of us girls are going out dress shopping. I hope I find something fabulous. Im usually real picky when it comes to New Years dresses, so we shall see what I find today...or dont find.


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