Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello, are you still there?

you might ask?...yes. I know I haven't been posting much lately. I have been real busy with school and work. I only have about 2 more weeks of school left (yikes!) still cant believe after 2 weeks I will be finished. Anyway, I've had this whole week off from school (they give us a week of break for Thanksgiving, weird huh?) so I have been crafting up a storm I cant wait to show you all what I have been doing!

My plans for the next few weeks are pretty big:

1. Graduate
2. NY
3. San Diego to visit family
4. finish moving all small things over to the boyfriends apartment
5. Put up all new items in my shop
6. Makeover my etsy shop
7. Makeover my blog
8. do a long over due GIVEAWAY :)
9. Christmas shopping!!!

After school ends, I plan to have my etsy shop and blog up and running in full force. I want to make time to craft as much as possible.

Tonight lover face and I decorated our stockings, and I set up our little pink tree and some decorations. I know its a little early, and as the boyfriend says, "we wont even be at our place for Christmas" I just cant help myself. I LOVE to decorate! To make things fair for the both of us I only put up a few things, kept it simple.

by December 1st, blog will be made over, I will post about all my new items for my shop that I've been working on, and hopefully I will have created a new shop banner, and have my giveaway all put together.

Tomorrow is gobble gobble turkey day! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the love my life, great long lasting friendships (have been feeling like friends come and go lately) and my wonderful parents who never seem to amaze me.

What is something you are thankful for?


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  1. I love your Christmas decorations! Especially the reindeer! Good luck with the last few weeks of school! And Happy Thanksgiving :)