Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lovely things

Sorry its been a few days, I have been doing nothing but work and school. Literally. I have been swamped with homework, papers and presentations. Finally its the weekend because I couldn't wait another minute! Anyway, drool over these awesome felt templates! I cant believe my eyes, look how real everything looks!

awesome right?! GAH! I hope one day I can be just as good with working with felt.source

I may just buy one of these when I get paid next week. Aren't they just adorable? Love them all!

I would like to get one of these things just to watch them grow. So magical.source

I have a few of these little guys, but I sure could use some more :) they are too darn cute!source

My weekend list;

Do any of you have things you wish to do this weekend?? Lets make this weekend count!


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  1. Loving the felt crafts :) Ooh, I collect the wish come true toys too! Love them!