Sunday, October 3, 2010


Check it out :)
(Still keep an eye out because there is still more to come in the next couple of weeks)

Today lover face and I went thrifing (of course) we found a few awesome things, one being this super cute wall clock for only 99 cents!

and we finally found a small enough table for our kitchen! No more using TV trays to eat out dinners, YAY! :) Super cute vintage all metal table we picked up at the San Pablo Flea market.

Love it! Now all we need is 2 cute chairs.

Yesterday my roommate and I went to a surprise bday dinner for our friend who is visiting from Idaho. It was a success, she was so surprised! I love surprising people and making them feel happy/loved. We surprised her at her favorite restaurant, Savor. I had me some delicious mimosas to celebrate! It was a great night.

It must be allergy season or something because I can not keep my nose from running! I have to plug my nose up with tissue! SO annoying :( anyone else getting attacked by their allergies??...or maybe I am getting sick, I feel like everyone is sick these days! AIRBORNE here I come!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!



  1. I love your etsy shop :) You have some great crafts going on.

  2. aww thanks girl! You are so sweet :)